Stressing over JC

So if you dont live in Ireland you more than likely dont know what Junior Cert is (JC) and your lucky. I suppise its like GCSE’s in the UK. Its a state exam so its kind of a big deal.

I am only 14 and right now my anxiety and stress levels are going through the roof. I’ve asked people who have done theirs already what its like and any advice, and all ive basicallly heard is

“dont bother stressing its not worth it, all you can do is your best”

Its not very helpful. I want to really well in mine and make my family and friends proud. So we’re only back to school a week and i am already working my ass off! Not sure if thats the right way to go but can hurt.

Im currently working on 2 projects and other ones im waiting to start. My art is a big one for me so im doing it on The Art Sherpie { Cinnamon Cooney} shes kind of big on YouTube and shes an amazing painter.

My home economics is kind of pissy, im making a frame canvas thing with fabric and im bored of it already.

So yeah, my life is unfortunate right now😂

Love, Katie x


End of the year goals

I decided the other day that i want to set myself a few goals to have done before 2017 ends. I never really follow along with my new years resolutions but im gonna try this year😂 so far this year has been amazing i have met so many new people and been new places that ive always wanted to go, like Greece.

  • Singing. I have a major fear of singing infront of people. I can do it for like two people and thats it. It really bothers me so any advice on that would great❤
  • Confidence. I just want to be a more confident person in myself and share my opinions and not just let everyone talk over me
  • School. I really want to focus on school a lot. Its an important year for me because im doing my junior cert and im determind to do well. Especially in science ( i worked my ass off this evening 😞)
  • Branch out on new makeup. Ive really been sticking to the same stuff the past 4 months now.
  • Get to like war movies a bit more. This one is kind of stupid but my boyfriend is really into them and i just want to give them a go and see.

Love, Katie x