Monthly Favourites

July & August Favourites

So I decided to put July and August together for this one because, well i just did 🙂 My previous post got a lot of views but i didn’t get much feedback which was what i needed. Please check it out and share your opinion. I have quite a mix of products in this post I’ll try and link as many as I can down below. *Previous Post*

Also, I want to mention a blogger i’v really been enjoying reading lately her name is Pearl. She writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I really love her blog. “The Pearly Life”

Fury DVD

Bath salts and body lotion (couldn’t find exact ones)

Anovia micellar water


Beyonce Rise

Lacura day cream, I can’t find anywhere to but this online but I got mine from aldi for €7.99.

Love, Katie X



I want to try something new.

Today. I got really inspired. YouTube was something that i wanted to try for a really long time and i still do. For years i always said to myself “start a blog, see how things go and then maybe YouTube will just come to you. It’s been 3 years now. I don’t feel like blogging has done much for me and i feel like i am failing myself. Losing a huge chunk of followers after stopping for nearly 10 months really was a shock and i was so disappointed that i had thrown all of my hard work down the drain. I want to start doing videos more than anything and whats really holding me back is what people are going to think and say.

I’m always saying don’t care what people think, do your own thing but, I’m really scared. Especially my close friends and family I’m just not sure. I’m asking for your help and opinion on what i should do and what you would like.

Logging off, Katie X