Be Who You Want To Be

The world that we live in can be a scary place for girls growing up. In this age of technology, it can be hard to get away from the media, which can be a negative place full of worrying pressures for girls growing up. Obviously I try to make to make my little corner of the internet a happy and positive place to be.  Do I do everything for me? Is every decision I make for me? Let alone when you are growing up and you feel the pressures of making decisions is even harder and your surrounded by people telling you what it is you probably should be doing.

There are some things in life you can prepare for and others, hit you like a ton of bricks. For some reason either no one wants you to feel anything or they want you to feel everything. It took me one of the worst times in my life to realise life’s biggest lesson. Things are going to happen that you don’t think you can handle but in the end, the only person that can get you through something is yourself.

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Love, Katie X


One thought on “Be Who You Want To Be

  1. This was a greta post Katie. You’ve came far on your blog and I think the way you write is great.
    I understand this post a lot and I’m sure other people feel the same way,
    Your reader,
    Jade, x

    My blog:

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