I’m Feeling… Well I don’t know

I’m not sure how this is gonna go or what I’m gonna say really. I might not even post this at all. I’m probably just gonna ramble on for a while, I know some of you don’t really like these type of posts so feel free to ignore this one I’m gonna have some makeup posts up soon X

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of numb. Okay I’m gonna try explain this the best way I can. It feels like my life is happening obviously but i’m just watching it going by. It’s like my body is on Earth and my soul is just wandering around trying to figure life out.

I really don’t understand my brain. I have everything I feel like i want. Health, great family, strong relationship, no money problems but yet i feel like something is missing.

“Like everyone else, I have good days I have bad days.”

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Feeling down or depressed or anxious isn’t always obvious to those around you. Trying tell them what’s wrong with you can be really, really hard, and it makes it even harder when you don’t know what’s actually wrong 😦

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For months I have had my anxiety under control and i felt so good about myself. Lately, I have lost control and I’m gonna be honest I don’t know how to get it back under control. I feel down a lot of the time even when I’m trying my hardest to be happy. When I do finally get to feel happy, In the back of my mind It’s like I can hear a voice trying to make me feel bad about myself and my life ALL OVER AGAIN. It’s a vicious cycle.

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I’m sorry that today’s post was very negative but I felt like I had to get all of this off my chest. I’m usually the one that is giving advice but this time I’m asking for advice. Thanks for listening to me probably being boring.

Love, Katie X



5 thoughts on “I’m Feeling… Well I don’t know

  1. Thank you Katie, I do too. Have you seen my blog? Thank you for replying on and on.

    It’s all about the blogging community and I hope we can catch up on each others blogs like this. Thank you again,

    Jade x

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  2. Aww! You’re so kind! Thank you, I’ve emailed you.. It might not of came through…?

    Thank you again and I’ll post soon,

    Jade X

    P.S I’m new to blogging, I hope this isn’t asking to much but do you have any tips?

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  3. Hello Katie. My name’s Jade (well, not my legal name but people call me that) on the Zoella blog I noticed your comment and came to your blog. I already feel like we’ve got so much in common but there’s a difference you’re actually a great writer! I am always going to check up on your blog, Katie, and a reply would be appreciated. Could you read my blog?

    Thanks again for posting this because I like these posts of yours,


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